In Defense of Crankiness

The title is your first clue this is not going to go well.  Go ahead, say it:  “This coming from the Positive Perspective blogger?”  Why not?  I’ve heard it a zillion times already.

Which tells you there have been a zillion times someone has felt the need to chastise me for being cranky.


What has me in such a good mood today?  No, it’s not that time of the month.  No, I didn’t get into a disagreement with someone or wreck my car.

I’m doing my taxes.

I spent all weekend procrastinating by cleaning my kitchen, oven, refrigerator and baseboards, taking a toothbrush to every crevices and the corner of the floors and cabinets.    Balanced my checkbook, brushed the dogs’ teeth, made a dental and GYN appointment… all preferable to getting into the mind-boggling numbing details of tax season.

It’s not all bad, is it?

Here’s the upside to doing stuff you hate.

First, it teaches you discipline.  Discipline discipline discipline.  That’s pretty much all that’s going to get me through this.

Second, it teaches you delayed gratification.  So, I admit I “indulged” myself by doing my second-least-favorite activity first… cleaning.  However, I decided to reward myself when I’m done with my taxes AND FAFSA to go shopping.

Third, no one likes a Polly Anna.  So I have to have a certain amount of cynicism and grouchiness spread around, lest one thinks I’m just being insincere or naïve.

Fourth, you must to have some negativity to develop positivity.  The yin to the yang.  Plus people appreciate you so much more when you are sweet after being the byotch, especially within your clean kitchen.

Finally, you feel a sense of satisfaction when you finished what you set out to do.  I came, I saw, I conquered.

I go shopping.

Ta ta for now!

To procrastinate or not procrastinate?

To procrastinate or not procrastinate?