Brain On A Rampage

Cultivate your mind to bloom

Cultivate your mind to bloom

Friends don’t let friends live in a toxic wasteland.

Which is why we’re going to have this difficult conversation.

Stop it.   Stop letting your brain ruin your health and happiness.

Miraculous organ though it is, our brain can also be our own worst enemy.  Just because a thought pops into your head, it does not mean you have to believe its negative or self-destructive message.  It does not mean you have to obsess over mistrustful, victimizing, blaming and paralyzing thoughts.  It does not mean you have to spend all your time focusing on thoughts that do not bring you joy.

Allowing our minds to roam free into destructive territory is like letting your two-year old have free reign of the baking and cooking supplies.  It’s like opening our bank accounts to all salesman and swindlers, our naked bodies to the elements.  Why do we squander the precious resource that is our mind as if it has no consequence?

It does have consequence, and you should be actively giving your consent to where your mind resides.

You may not be able to control where it goes, but you can control where it stays.

  • Don’t stay in an angry place. Choose forgiveness.
  • Don’t stay in a resentful place.  Let go.
  • Don’t stay in a paranoid or mistrustful place.  Give the benefit of the doubt.
  • Don’t stay in a helpless/victimized place.  Choose empowerment.
  • Don’t stay in a blaming or judgmental place.  Choose empathy and personal responsibility.
  • Don’t stay in a sad place.  Choose joy.
  • Don’t stay in a place where you feel deprived.  Choose gratitude.
  • Don’t stay in a dark place.  Choose the light.
  • Don’t just see the bad in people and situations.  Choose to see their good side and the opportunities.

Don’t waste your precious mental (or otherwise) resources on anything that will prevent you and those around you from feeling affirmed, joyous and creative.  A mind is truly a terrible thing to waste.  Don’t turn something so precious into a toxic dumping ground.  Instead, choose to make your mind a garden of Eden, and watch what blossoms.

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