Silver Lining Blog #100

The international reach of blogging

The international reach of blogging

Recognizing the 100th blog on Silver Lining feels somewhat like watching my kids grow their first tooth – where did the time go?  My awe also extends to the power of the internet and how the average citizen can literally reach the corners of the globe with their message.  Readers from sixty-eight countries have logged on – I’m not sure I could even name sixty-eight countries if I tried.

I won’t go into all my personal reflections on blogging – others have done so, and so very well.  I echo their sentiments about the blessings and lessons in the endeavor, especially gratitude to those who read and support the blog (thankyouthankyou! Please don’t forget to share!).  Instead, I’d like to focus on the blogs that I look forward to reading, which are my little treat when I can make the time.  This is one element of the blogging experience that has been constant, and nothing but a source of pleasure, camaraderie and enlightenment (in contrast, sometimes, to the writing side…).  I’m adding a page entitled “Favorite blogs” to commemorate and thank those writers.

My only regret is not having enough time to explore new blogs to the degree I would have liked.  My goal for the next 100 is to make sure I get out and read more blogs so I can have a much longer list when I hit 200.

Thanks everyone!

Frankoshanko – The most upbeat and positive person, ever!

Ipledgeafallegiance  – Well-written, sharp, funny political and social commentary.

Imperfectly Balanced – A team of gals with a hilarious perspective on life, and who are great story tellers.  Do they really do all that?

Lady Romp – Women’s news.  Helps me connect with my inner feminist (no, it’s not a dirty word) every day.

The Other Side of Ugly – Without a doubt, the most affirming and uplifting messages about our humanity, and so beautifully said.

Career Avoidance 101 – Really well-written career and personal management advice.

The Seeker’s Dungeon – I’m not really that into poetry, but Sreejit has a way of beautifully stating a very human and poignant message.

30 Days to Health and Wellness – A great blog with tips for health (including recipes!), wellness, and happiness.