A Few Good Tools



Here’s my week:

  • Friday – Finish StrengthsFinder coach training and fly home
  • Saturday – Sell my house of 16 years
  • Monday
    • Buy a new house;
    • Son starts college (living at home);
    • New assistant starts;
    • Begin implementation of a university-wide career development project we proposed this spring;
    • Begin planning to lead a task force across my professional organization
  • Tuesday
    • House un-sells and goes back on market
    • Sister comes to visit
  • Wednesday – son graduates high school
  • Thursday
    • We decide to go forward with new house despite the old one not being sold
    • Discover we need to replace son’s car (it breaks down again) as a derecho does a quick spin through town
    • Sister leaves
  • Friday
    • Assistant of many years (the only one I ever had)  retires
    • The day is still young

(How we doin’?)

It’s a crazy convergence, like my life stumbled into some kind of karmic mixing bowl.   If one of my friends with Connectedness strength could please tell me the meaning of all these transitions happening concurrently, I would greatly appreciate it.

And what am I doing about all this?  Well, I’m writing my blog, just like I do every other day for the last 200+ days.  Life goes on while life goes on.

I spent some time reflecting on why I actually feel quite OK with all this craziness.  I realized that I have drawn from my toolkit of super human (different from super-human) skills to manage the chaos.  First of all:  optimism.  When one phase ends, another begins.  I don’t really tend to mourn the old phase but rather look with anticipation to the new.   I’m fortunate enough to have a strong support system and resources to help get through all of these events, so I’m definitely not doing this alone.

Second of all:  gratitude.  It hasn’t been perfect, it won’t be perfect, things will go wrong.  That’s all part and parcel of our messy, chaotic life and I’m so grateful to have so many wonderful things going on, even if it’s all simultaneous.  Notice that all these transitions are positive events by and large, though it has not always been that way for me.  Oh yeah, did I mention my support system?

Finally:  being present.  I am not worrying about the future (once the decisions are made, anyway) nor am I regretting the past.  Not worrying about the future means I am not trying to control it either.  As I attach the hyperlink to this skill, I realize that this also helped me in the past when I hit rock bottom.  This is a good one, y’all.

So here I am, enjoying my coffee as I write my blog, just like I do, every other day of my life.  Cheers!