Are You Open or Closed?


Answer each of the following questions –

Are you open to:

  • The possibility of being wrong?
  • The possibility that someone is better at something than you (smarter, more athletic, more successful, more popular, more attractive, etc)?
  • The possibility that you are better at something than someone else?
  • The possibility that you are hurting someone or something even if that is not your intention?
  • The possibility that you are creating problems for others that you have not anticipated or intended?
  • Trying to understand someone else’s reality or perspective, even if you think you disagree with or don’t like them?
  • Trying something different?
  • Re-thinking your usual assumptions (about yourself, others and the world)?
  • The truth that we are all equally important?
  • The possibility that there are some things we’ll never understand?
  • The possibility that we are not supposed to understand or control everything?

How’d you do with the question list above?  Did you answer Yes to most, if not all of the questions?  How long did it take you to answer each question?  When was the last time you really stopped to reconsider your perspective or opinion and actually shifted your tack?

Perhaps you are not as open as you think if you:

  • Answered Yes to pretty much every question and/or
  • Spent less than a couple of seconds thinking about each question and/or
  • Can’t remember a recent example of shifting your perspective

So this quiz is more about how you took the test, rather than the test itself.  If you think you passed the quiz but actually failed it, don’t feel bad.  I would’ve done the same thing for most of  my life.  In fact, I probably would’ve skipped most of the quiz and went straight to the answer.

I guess what I’m saying is Are you open to the possibility that you are actually closed in some way?