A Question and Answer Experiment

Hard to believe it’s been almost a year and 156 posts since I’ve started blogging last November.  I started this blog because I believe I have a message to share that is helpful to others.  After engaging in another really rewarding and productive “I need a new perspective” conversation with a friend, I realized that writing down these ideas and sharing them could be useful to others.

Blogging has taken a somewhat new turn as I’ve started my graduate program in positive psychology as I’m using more academic, rather than personal material.  I can always relate the academic content to personal experience –that’s what makes it so meaningful to me – but it also feels a bit more cerebral than I’d like.

So I would like to turn this blog back to the readers… what would you like to hear about?  What questions do you have?  Do you have an issue you’d like me to discuss from a Silver Lining/positive psychology perspective?  What kinds of things do you struggle with?

I don’t really have answers to anyone’s questions.  Likely I’ll take a life coaching approach and rather try to find the right questions to ask you (I’ve been training as a life coach lately too, not to mention Clifton StrengthsFinders and Arbinger Institute coach), but toss in a few pearls of wisdom that I’ve collected over the years.

Life, in the end, is a journey where we all travel together.  On one path, I may be farther along than you, but you’re farther along than me on another path.  But if we share what we learn as we navigate through life, we can help each other have a more fulfilling and rewarding journey.  Thanks to all of you who have traveled with me this past year.  Now, perhaps we can find new tools and a more interesting route!

If you have a question or topic request, please email me at foodie2101@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “A Question and Answer Experiment

  1. I’d love to see your thoughts on whether “passion” actually matters for career development. It’s a fascinating debate, and I wonder if you’ve run across anything in the positive psych literature about it? It’s a topic that I’m continually turning over in my mind and trying to decipher

    1. Rebecca – it’s a great question. I’m still a rookie so maybe there’s something out there on this but from what I’ve seen it’s not couched as “passion” but rather meaning and engagement. I think that’s a rough approximation of passion? I think we want to align passion with their career choice, otherwise it’s harder to find engagement and meaning and even excellence. Funny you should bring this up since I’ve been working on this concept myself. The bottom line to me is whether our job is to help them find a vocation or an avocation. Since I believe you can be traditionally successful at anything you’re passionate about, they should be the same thing, but I’m not really a professional in this field. I’m in pharmaceutical sciences after all!

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