Spirituality, An Eye-Opening Endeavor

One of the things I love about my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology Program is that it requires me to stretch in ways that I wouldn’t necessarily figure out on my own.  This week’s assignment was to do the Person-Activity Fit Diagnostic assessment in Lyubomirsky’s the How of Happiness.  The test provides suggestions on areas of life on which you can focus to increase your happiness and well-being.

The test identifies four areas, three of which I felt already quite happy with the degree to which I am constructively using them in my life (working on goals, forgiveness or nurturing).  The fourth, spirituality, is an area that I’m interested in developing but am still so, so green.  Though I’ve always sensed there’s more to life than meets the visible or measurable eye, science is about quantifying for the purposes of proving or disproving hypothesis.  The unseen and the undetected is beyond even hypothesizing, much less measuring.

The divorce timed with my discovery of the work of Jill Bolte Taylor led me to begin a journey of spiritual exploration.  With this current exercise, I’ve been focusing on some of the questions posed, including contemplating one’s future.  I know that my future is intimately tied to my calling – developing people – but what does that mean in terms of spirituality?

Fortunately my sweetheart is much farther along in the spiritual journey than I am.  He says that being in the sweet spot, or flow, with the things you love to do is tapping into the universal energy flow and is a spiritual activity.   Even appreciating the beauty of others, of humanity, and of our beautiful world is transcendent.  I didn’t even know what that word meant until recently.  I guess that means I’ve always been spiritual though I never had a word or conceptual framework to describe it.

If I have a gift, it’s being able to see the beauty and potential in every person.  My mission in life is cultivating that.  I love doing strengths coaching in particular because it is so clearly a way to see and elevate each person’s unique talents so they may tap into that flow and universal energy more easily.  Interestingly, I was only able to realize this gift when I gave the same gift to myself.  Life coaching also allows one to find one’s personal wisdom and focus on what they do best.

I apologize as this must sound so incredibly naïve to those of you who are advanced in this area.  What is your perspective on this subject?  What does it mean to be spiritual?  What’s the connection with your calling/passion and spirituality?