What You Lookin’ At?


A moment to notice.  Photo credit:  tonyconigliophoto.com

A moment to notice. Photo credit: tonyconigliophoto.com

You know how life is short and we shouldn’t waste precious time with negative people?  Well, life isn’t the only thing that is limited and precious.  So is your attention.  Among millions of stimuli each day, you can only notice and register so many things in a day.  What you notice is probably based on habit.  What are you in the habit of noticing?

  • Do you see that the sidewalk is dirty, or the colorful flowers planted next to it?
  • Do you pay attention when someone is kind to you, like holding open a door for you, or only when people are inconsiderate?
  • Do you notice the smell of the fresh breeze, or only the fumes of a car?
  • Do you notice the smile of your child, even if you see it every day?
  • Do you smell the inviting aroma of your meal, even if you have three of them each day?
  • Do you see the color of the sky as the sun rises, or just the alarm clock that tells you to get out of bed?
  • Did you notice your family member took out the trash, or only that he left his shoes out?
  • Did you acknowledge the compliment someone gave you, or just look for signs of insincerity or reasons to dismiss it?
  • Did you notice the care or creativity your colleague used to complete the task, or just what he didn’t do?
  • Do you see the ice crystals hanging from the branches, or just that you have to scrape your car?

What you notice becomes your reality.  If you only notice negativity, ugliness and pain, that is what will comprise your world.  Notice beauty, kindness, and excellence, and your world will brighten up.  And so will you.