Dear God/Universe

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Simple pleasures
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Thank you for all the wonderful blessings in my life:

  • Thank you for making me imperfect so I have the joy of growth, improvement and change.
  • Thank you for difficult people.  They are a catalyst for self-actualization, self-awareness and an opportunity to practice compassion.
  • Thank you for the difficult times.   They taught me humility and made me stretch my capabilities.
  • Thank you for boredom for it invites me to nurture my imagination.
  • Thank you for not letting life always go my way, for I may start to think that life is supposed to be easy and that my initial inclinations are right.
  • Thank you for the gift of perspective.  I can always find the silver lining in every situation and almost always create an opportunity that I hadn’t thought of.
  • Thank you for my gratitude.  I know I often take small and large things in my life for granted, but mostly I’m filled with a profound appreciation for the amazingness of our life and world.
  • Thank you for my capacity to love.  Despite gratitude and perspective, I don’t know if I could live without love in my life.  Thank you also for teaching me that I can love everyone, not just my loved ones.  But thank you especially for my loved ones.
  • I don’t mean to leave out material comforts.  They enable me to pursue the things I love to do, like blogging, cooking, dining out, dancing, theater, bathing, reading, teaching and going to school. Thank you for every one of those too.

What’s on your list?  What should you add?