Creating Your Legacy

Journeying into the future.  Picture credit

Journeying into the future. Picture credit

Envision yourself 10-20 years in the future being honored for your contributions at a nice dinner party.  What would the guests say about you?  How have you impacted their lives or the world?  Imagine this in as much detail as you can.  Who is speaking?  What emotions do they have?  What specifically are they saying about your impact?  How did you accomplish it?

Now, who do you have to be and what do you have to do to make that a reality?

Who do you have to be may have to do with acquiring skills, education or experience.  Though not necessarily a simple task, it may be relatively straight-forward compared to organizing your inner world to be or become that person who is being honored at that dinner.

For example, becoming a parent is, sort of, logistically straight forward for most people.  Being a good parent is much harder and can be difficult to define.  Getting a job in sales is fairly straight forward.  Becoming the top salesperson is more difficult and the path may not be obvious.   In other words, getting started on the right path to your dream can be easier than actually making the dream a reality.

However, articulating your goal regarding the impact you want to have on others may help orient your internal world toward that objective.  You might envision that you want your kids to say that you were always there for them, physically and emotionally, when they needed you.  You can then orient yourself to notice and prioritize those opportunities to make that a more concrete reality.  You might say that you want to be the type of salesperson that helped people find just the right product for the needs, giving them peace of mind.  You could orient your internal world accordingly, and take exquisite care to make sure each client had just exactly the right product.  In this way, you can begin or continue your journey toward your goal but ensure you’re facing in the right direction.

Paul Coehlo, author of the Alchemist, describes this authentic goal as a personal legend.  Once you identify and state your personal legend, according to Coehlo the pathway to achieve your personal legend will unfold before you and beckon to you.  You will find you have powers you did not know you had as you pursue your personal legend.  If you do not pursue your personal legend and instead rest on your laurels, you will stagnate and forget what your goals are.

So identify your personal legend.  Simply articulating your authentic desire may help you begin a new journey with surprising results!

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