Grouchy Day. OK!

Sometimes I just don’t want to find positivity and the silver lining in my day.  No.  And I’m not sure we should have positive, upbeat days every single day.  I do think we should try most days to do so.  If we’re spending more time being negative than positive, we run the risk of being the subject of the eliminating-negative-people-from-our-lives goal that we hear from others around us.

No, we don’t want to be that toxic person, but we also don’t want to be Pollyanna-ish.  Basically, we want a good balance.

What comprises a good balance?  A good balance:

  • allows us to be genuine and authentic with our feelings and emotions, both positive and negative
  • gives us time to process the negative emotions and savor the positive
  • allows us to use negative emotions to create positive change
  • encourages us to find that silver lining without ignoring the real risks and downsides to a situation
  • helps to inform us when something is going wrong, or right
  • doesn’t dwell on the negative more than is necessary to detect, learn and grow
  • respects that we’re human and that we will have a wide range of emotions.  Experiencing all the emotions allows us to experience the whole range, since we can’t just select the positive emotions and eliminate the negative.
  • acknowledges that we can’t necessarily help how we feel but we can also understand that we may have conditioned ourselves to over- or under-react to a situation.  Considering a situation from different perspectives might help us to determine whether we’re responding proportional to the situation.
  • accepts and forgives those emotions in ourselves and others.  Acceptance allows us to constructively channel and manage those feelings.

So today I’m feeling tired, a little annoyed and overwhelmed.  That’s OK.  I need a grouchy day today and some time to decompress, process and intentionally and proactively relax.  By giving myself what I need today, I will be ready to re-engage in a positive manner tomorrow.

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