Our Unique Genius

I believe that each one of us have some unique genius. I don’t mean an overall DaVinci-good-at-everything genius, or even genius that you could put in a jar or on a Tshirt and sell. I mean that there is something each of us is unbelievably, jaw-droppingly good at.

Since becoming a StrengthsFinders coach, I believe this more than ever. It’s hard not to be completely in awe when looking at someone through the lens of their strengths.

But it’s really more than our strengths. Remember, according to Gardner, there are 9 different types of intelligences though we tend to only measure only IQ.

Then there is the thing that we long to do and are passionate about. If you were to draw a Venn diagram (hm, not a bad idea; maybe I’m good at figuring out new applications for the Venn diagram) you could see where they all intersect and voila, there’s your genius. Your pattern of strengths, passions and excellence are all as unique as your DNA.

So, what is it for you? Do you know?

If not, why not?

Gardner's intelligences

Gardner’s intelligences