Energizer Bunny Takes A Break

Novels. The newspaper. Mindless TV. Naps. These activities have increasingly become my reality over the last few weeks since I’m currently not initiating any new projects and school is over.

The pace is going to drive me nuts.

You see, I have a problem. My strengths of Zest and Activator mean that I love to get going and I have lots of energy to do so. When I’m apply this energy towards something that I love, then I’m just in bliss.  Pure heaven. School provided the perfect outlet for those strengths. It was incredibly intense and I had no life, but with work it provided an endless stream of fun small and large projects that required my energy and attention 16 hours per day. I did not know that I could work that hard for that long (we barely had 2 weeks off at Xmas) and I loved it! It was like crack for my Activator and Zest strengths.

Now I’m regrouping and getting caught up on other things. Being patient and in wait-and-see mode is not my forte. In other words, I’m reigning in the Activator and Zest into something more Real World. Last time I had a major transition, I spent the time meditating, reflecting, learning about myself, and using writing as a tool to help me decide how to move forward. I took care of myself and tried new things. It was a blissful and enlightening period and so I welcome this opportunity once again!

But not quite yet. I have a few more Modern Family and Homeland episodes and my Lisa Gardner book to finish.

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