Another Day in Eden

Sunrise in Eden.  Photo Credit:

Sunrise in Eden. Photo Credit:

Recently, I had the rare delight of watching the sun rise, marveling at the drama and spectacle of something that happens every day. The changing colors. The clouds chasing each other across the sky. The sound of the doves and cicadas. The sun rays reflecting off the tops of the clouds. A perfect, balmy temperature. Something so spectacular only happens in Eden.

Indeed, I was in Eden. I was spending the weekend on this beautiful, vast property in the Texas countryside.  Cows, lakes, and nature galore.

But what was it that I was enjoying? Sunrise, trees, sounds? The ingredients of Eden are present everywhere, whether from the deck of my house, or on a bench in Manhattan. Wherever we go, beauty, wonder and plenty abound.

We need not travel to Eden. We are IN Eden. We were banished from Eden only in our minds.   And just as easily as that, we can go back. We only need to stop and make the choice.