The Value of Introspection

I know some of you out there just hate to be introspective. You don’t want to look inside: there’s no need. You’re fine as you are.

You are fine as you are. You’re better than fine as you are. You’re spectacular.

However, I’m going to make the case that it’s still worth being introspective on occasion, fabulous self not withstanding. Introspection is like exploring the proverbial deep, messy closet. Perhaps some of us do not wish to go digging in there because we might find… old sandwiches? Smelly shoes? The bill you claimed you never got? Terrible man-eating, tentacled creatures?   Your other sock?

Or you might find a can-opener you never knew you had? Your lost ring? The fallen button? Some cash? Old photos?

I know, right? Pretty awful stuff. Not worth digging at all, or too risky even.   After all that Bogey man might really do some damage.


You’re not going to find anything in there you can’t handle. Any demons are really just like the Bogey man – not real. A fantasy of our own construction. A story that we’ve been telling ourselves for years.

Even better, you might find some treasure. You know, those blind spots go both ways into both the good and bad spectra. The whole point of StrengthsFinders and other self-assessments are to uncover your blind spots, but in a good way. Learning about a strength you weren’t even aware of can help you turn that talent into something useful and productive. It’s the equivalent of finding the Cuisinart that you thought Aunt Mabel never returned and a $100 bill in your closet. Now you’re cookin’!

I know you don’t want any of that stuff, so don’t worry about it. Ignorance is bliss, right?