Ripple Effect

Causing waves

Causing waves

I’ve known about the ripple effect for some time now but haven’t given it a whole lot of thought until recently. Here’s an example of the ripple effect: I may decide to change my dress right before I leave for an interview across town, leave a bit later, then get caught right behind an accident that just happened, and then miss the interview, which then impacts my future. A seemingly harmless decision, but with significant downstream consequences.

Another type of ripple is when something seemingly small happens that may affect a lot of people. For example, penicillin was serendipitously discovered by Alexander Fleming. Fleming’s astute observation then changed the course of medicine and pharmaceutical drug discovery.   Climate change is another example of a small shift (say, a 1 degree change in temperature) having far-reaching consequences.

I think back on my life on the events that rippled through my life: A supporting or loving gesture from someone influential in my life, like a loved one or a mentor. The receipt of a grant or award. Failure to get a grant or award. Running into someone at the store. An introduction by a colleague.   Most such ripples were positive, but not all of them.

I now think back on my life and sometimes hear about the ripples I have unwittingly caused. Most often they come from students or my children, but sometimes my friends or family. Usually they mention a conversation or advice that has stayed with them over the years and that has influenced their thinking or course of action.   You never know when something you say or do strikes a chord, good or bad.

Or do you?

I think we can be really much more intentional and proactive about creating the type of ripples that we want to perpetuate. It’s taken me a long time to figure this out since, as an ethnic minority growing up in Texas, I felt mostly invisible and insignificant most of my life. But now that I feel powerful and strong, I know that I have the ability to create lots of small ripples every day.

It’s my responsibility to make sure they’re positive ripples. It’s also my responsibility to use my strengths, talents and passions to do good every day. Blogging is one example of how I try to create positive ripples every day. Helping others along their personal journey through mentoring, teaching and training is another.   So is showing my love to those around me, and being the best possible role model that I can be.

The benefit to me is a feeling of deep meaning and connection to those around me. I feel woven into the fabric of several communities.   Also, the recipients of the ripples reach back to me and create ripples in my life, thus strengthening our connection. Ultimately, I hope to better our little corner of the world, just a smidge. One ripple at a time.

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