The Perfect Moment

Opening the acceptance letter. Receiving your diploma. Getting your first job offer.   Saying “I do”. The first cry of your baby.   Sitting down to relax for the first time in your new house. Receiving a promotion or professional recognition. The retirement party.

Our lives are sprinkled with events that mark the achievements and highlights of our careers or lives.   Such events are so seminal in our lives, we may have a tendency to focus on achieving that end goal (“I just want/need to….before I can….”) before giving ourselves permission to be proud of ourselves or feel that we can relax.

That perfect moment can be so elusive and so far away, spaced years apart and requiring long intervals of sacrifice and hard work.

Wow. It seems like a long time to wait to allow oneself to feel satisfied or proud.

What about these moments? A Technicolor sunset. Hearing your child laugh.   Observing a kind gesture. A moment of connection.   Holding the hand of a loved one. Snuggling with your puppy. Enjoying your coffee, just the way you like it. Observing a master at work.   Listening to your favorite song. Watching an egret fly over the river.

There are perfect moments all around us. Sometimes we have to wait for it or go get it. Sometimes that moment is right there and but we’ve grown immune or desensitized to the wonder, beauty and joy around us.

The perfection that we seem to most often take for granted is the miracle of our own life and existence. Think about the physiology that enables you to walk, talk, eat, sleep, breathe, think, love and daydream. Think about this earth that nurtures and sustains us. Think about the galaxy around us that we only have barely begun to understand. Really, every moment that we’re blessed to be on this earth is perfection.

The perfect moment is now. Really, what else do you need right at this very moment? I thought so.

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