Your Inner Light

This may not come as a surprise to you right-brain types but we left-brain types are pretty clueless. Things you take for granted that are as tangible as this keyboard are a mystery to us.   So please forgive me as I once again write about something I’m clueless about.

Honestly, I thought that inner light stuff was just a saying or a euphemism, but it’s a real thing. You know: “let your inner light shine”.   Your inner light has to do with your energy (I know. More metaphysical BS) and what you do with it. Your energy comes from your emotions and intentions. For example, if you are feeling inspired and loving to mankind, your energy and light will be obvious to others. If you are feeling resentful and vengeful, that too will be sensed. It’s not something that is seen necessarily, but rather something that is sensed.

Sensitive and empathic folk pick up on this energy in a heartbeat. You do not have to say or do a thing for them to just know. While having a conversation with two empathic people who were facing away from me, my emotions changed in response to the conversation. I did not move even a bit.  Yet they literally both stopped, turned and looked at me when that happened. My energy and emotions changed and they could just sense it.

You see, we emotional luddites are fairly clueless to this except for maybe at the ends of the spectrum. For some, this is a fine radar picking up emotional microparticulates; for me it pretty much has to smack me in the face. Thus my doddering and nerdy charm.

Emotionally-disabled though I am, I can still cultivate and share my light with others by actively feeling, expressing, and acting on positive emotions and intentions.   In other words, I may foster my light, but I can also guard it so that only the most perceptive can detect it. Or I can cultivate it, nurture it, share it with others in an active way. Actively feeling that emotion and intention and allowing it to broadcast to others permits your light to shine.

When I shine my light, I have a much more pleasant expression and body language. I am more approachable. People smile at me. Children stare. Dogs come visit. Conversation with others is easy and natural.

If I’m carrying around emotional garbage, then that light is dimmer and harder to find. Things tend to not go as smoothly and interactions tend to be stiffer.  Emotional Neanderthal that I am, I’m not always aware of that garbage lurking beneath the surface, but I’m getting better at it.

I’m really just a rookie at this, so I’d love to hear from the light-whisperers and light-seekers out there to shed more light (pardon the pun) on the subject. After all, growing light is one small way to make your corner of the world just a bit brighter.

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