Sculpt Your Subjective Reality

Chris thinks I’m a little obsessed with the notion of our subjective reality. Recently we’ve learned about recent research that suggests that our retinas only process information in 2D and we extrapolate the 3rd dimension. Interestingly, some (bizarre) new theories in physics even suggest that our whole universe is really 2D and may exist in parallel with other universes.


No wonder I can’t stop thinking about it.  How can I think about anything else?

The first point of information is just disconcerting and disorienting, that most of what I see is an illusion/extrapolation. The second is literally mind blowing and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it/them. Unfortunately, I’m not even remotely smart/educated enough to understand the theories or their basis. Let’s just say for a moment, that there is a small chance that they are true. (The joke is on us that Renaissance man was maybe right about the flat earth.) Combining the theories, in various proportions of believability as you see fit, still have us conclude that we are really only perceiving a very small fraction of reality.

I’ve written previously about how our brain also distorts that fraction of reality as it travels into the brain, and then once again as we recall the memory.   What’s left seems to be only the faintest echo of what is our real world.


The good news is, reality as we know it is predominantly determined by… us.   I think this is really great news because if I am creating the vast majority of my reality, then I can make it what I want. Why would I create frustration, anger, loneliness, or deprivation in my world when it is literally my choice?

Our thoughts and beliefs become our reality. We know that to be true (I feel I’m unlikeable -> I don’t try to interact with others -> they don’t like me).   Positive things also become my reality when I’m open to them, I believe them, and I set my internal stage to nurture them (I have much to be grateful for -> noticing good things -> feeling joyful and positive -> better performance, mood and relationships).    Given that an ever-larger percentage of our world is subjective, we have the power to modulate and sculpt that reality more than we think.

I don’t want to allow the notion of our subjective reality to lure me into complacency, however. Much in our world is beautiful and amazing, yet we also have much to improve. I will continue to work hard to improve our world and our lives while also holding the notion that there is little of our world that I can really comprehend. How do I know good from bad in this subjective reality? My mind plays tricks on me; thus my heart/gut will be my guide in this crazy thing we call life.

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