Is This What It Means to Thrive?

People have been looking at me strangely lately. I don’t blame them. I’d be suspicious too if I saw what I’m doing/saying these days.

When people ask me how my day/weekend/holiday was, I have an unusual response. I use words like joyful, blissful, inspiring.

(Turn around, walk briskly away, and call 911)

I can’t help it. It’s just how I’m feeling these days.   The smallest thing makes my heart go soaring, or makes me tear up. I feel I’m overflowing with abundance and gratitude, and my optimism has few limits. I’m energized and have a bounce in my step. I’m thinking really clearly and I feel I can tap into my creative juices in a blink of an eye. I’ve never felt more love and in love for my friends/family and with my husband, respectively.

Maybe this is what it must mean to really thrive.

Perhaps I’m an extreme (head) case, or going through a really great spell, I don’t know. All I know is that the experience of being alive feels like a miracle almost every minute of every day.

I don’t think that one must be in a state of almost constant bliss to be thriving. I do, however, think that it goes to show that a recovering perfectionist/control freak can make big and meaningful changes for a better quality of life. I am that person who, at some time in my life, dropped out of graduate school, quit a full-time tenured job, and got a divorce. Not exactly the world’s best resume.

We can grow to make changes and improvements. Failure, pain and disappointment are not necessarily bad things; in fact they often provide access for a much-needed change, including inviting bliss into one’s life.  Maybe we’ll all be looking at you strangely soon too.


4 thoughts on “Is This What It Means to Thrive?

  1. Beautiful! I often feel the same way. I believe when we go through problems in life it helps us to appreciate the joyful moments more. We’re grateful for those little things. Good for you and keep on keeping on my friend!

  2. Great to read about your joy, Susanna. I’m personally not in the same place these days, but do experience the occasional “bliss flash” from time to time. I am inspired by your journey, though, and hoping to follow in your footsteps. 😉

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