Fortunate Mishaps

Does it seem like an oxymoron? It really isn’t.

Think back to a time when something that you thought was misfortune actually turned out to be a stroke of good luck. For example, the personal and professional struggles I’ve had has led me to this path of authenticity and pursuing the work that I love.  Dad calls these fortunate mishaps.

What about you? Have you ever been rejected, gotten lost, reprimanded or discouraged, only to find later that something better came along?

I believe that most people can name an example or two from their own life or the life of someone they know.   Somehow we forget that lesson when in the midst of a new challenge. Often it seems that we need to wait for the dust to settle before we can find that wisdom. We needn’t wait for hindsight to find that lesson and the silver lining. We can find it now.

What is currently challenging you in your life? You can try these reflection/writing exercises to find the good fortune in your challenge, trauma or anything that is interrupting the flow of your life.

Write or reflect upon your trauma or challenge from the following perspective(s) (from Heal Yourself With Writing, Catherine Ann Jones):

  • A hero undergoing a trial, that is never daunted and stays focused on overcoming the challenge.
  • Your soul, where you gain insight from this challenge or trauma.
  • A wise guide, using metaphors and characters to describe each perspective.   Consider developing a dialogue between your need and the wise guide.
  • The person who is causing you to feel challenged, if applicable. Assume that they overall are a reasonable and reasonably intelligent person.

And from Annie Roepke:

  • The best possible outcome. Consider how this challenge or trauma actually can create positive change and growth.

Sometimes looking inward with honesty, vulnerability, and forgiveness can feel impossible. We turn inside only to find anger, sadness, indignation, or a sense of feeling unworthy.  However, releasing the blockage of your life’s flow and returning to peace is a relief compared festering anger and bitterness.

Your challenge is actually a gift, though you may have to look past the surface to find the fortune within that mishap. Become an expert at excavating to that essence and you will never suffer another day.

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