Difficult People – A Paradigm Shift

You know how everyone says obnoxious, arrogant, know-it-all people are really just insecure?  I think that really is true for most difficult people.  Some type of insecurity or fear drives many people who are perfectionists, control freaks, know-it-alls, negative, or hostile. Chances are, these fears and insecurities are on a subconscious level and so the … Continue reading Difficult People – A Paradigm Shift

Snap Judgments

I don’t consider myself a judgmental person, but we’re all hard-wired to be hypocritical. The hypocrisy I’ve noticed in myself is in first impressions.  I already know that I’m not a good judge of character.  It’s hard to ‘judge’ someone’s character when you tend to look for only their best qualities.  Turns out, I’m not … Continue reading Snap Judgments

Increase Pleasure (Without Using Drugs)

Flourishing consists of both “feeling good” and “doing good.”  Learning more about pleasure, or “feeling good” can therefore help us thrive.  In other words, feeling good is, well, good for you! A Yale University researcher, Paul Bloom, has a theory of about pleasure based on the principle of essentialism.  Essentialism refers to the fundamental nature … Continue reading Increase Pleasure (Without Using Drugs)