What Is Your Value?

We are constantly evaluating and being evaluated. Grades, applications, audits, performance indicators, reviews, evaluations, assessments, appraisals, exams, measures. And those are the external evaluations. We also have the constant litany of internals comparisons: Is he/she more/less successful/smart/thin/interesting/accomplished/talented/wealthy/attractive/likable/famous/stylish/better/lovable than me? Sometimes those comparisons and assessments come from others, often giving credence to our worst fears or … Continue reading What Is Your Value?

To Compete or Collaborate?

Competition is a strength that helps people to be successful in sports and beyond. When used optimally, competition energizes, creates fun, and helps individuals and teams to elevate their performance. On the other hand, collaboration also has advantages. Collaboration broadens ideas, expands capacity, and allows for innovation that may not occur when working independently or competitively. … Continue reading To Compete or Collaborate?