Those That Drive Us Crazy

We all seem to have our own behavioral hot buttons, where certain behaviors absolutely drive us crazy.  Which of these behaviors drive you nuts?

People who are always in slow motion.

People who are always in a hurry.

People who want to debate everything.

People who never want to talk about anything remotely controversial.

People who always have an opinion about everything.

People who never seem to have an opinion on anything.

People who have never met a stranger.

People who just want to hang with the people they know.

People who rush headlong into things.

People who take forever to make up their mind.

People who always seem to be busy.

People who never seem to be doing anything.

People who can never remotely even bend a rule.

People who think there are always exceptions to the rules.

People who seem like they’re always trying to impress you.

People who don’t seem to care what you think about them.

I know.  Me too!  They all drive me nuts. Every one of them!

I’m kidding, but a good half of these folks used to really drive me nuts.  Patient, I was not.  Not that I eradicated that demon, but I have a new perspective on these annoying people.  These commonly annoying traits are also called strengths.  Yep, they are actually human qualities that can be used to great advantage when applied properly.  Especially the traits that are driving you crazy!

Granted, it is our responsibility to use our strengths in a balanced and appropriate way to their maximum possible benefit, and that can be a struggle sometimes.  But what if everyone else was just like us?  We’d all want the same job, majors and classes, solve problems the same way, we’d care and think about only a narrow range of topics.    We’d all be bad at singing but good at math.  There would only be a couple of types of aerobics classes and we’d all want to be taking it.  The Lindt hazelnut chocolate bars would always be sold out.  Not good.

So I’m the impatient, opinionated person who always wants to explore ideas, even controversial ones.  I can have my head in the clouds and then act on ungrounded ideas.  Therefore,  I benefit from being with others who are more deliberative and grounded in reality though it often feels they’re putting a cramp on creativity and production.  I tend to want to follow the rules, but need reminding sometimes that the human element is important too and to try to find ways to appropriately manage both.  I’m fairly shy but appreciate those who will go up and talk to anyone.

The bottom line is:  if they’re driving me crazy, I probably need to partner with them the most.  And visa versa.

So relax.  Take a sip of your margarita, and take a fresh look at the person who has been pissing you off.  They may just save your hide one day.