Eliminating Self-Limiting Beliefs

What self-limiting beliefs do you have that are seriously holding you back? You may have minor ones, like “I don’t look good in orange,” or “I don’t enjoy jazz.” Likely they are not impeding your ability to live your best life unless, in this case, you’re married to a jazz musician.

I am sensing a self-limiting belief that circles around my professional capacity: I can do this, but not that. It’s a sense of doubt/respect for my limits, rather than a sense of incompetence in general. But even that statement sounds like a rationalization. Laaamme.

I tell others, and often myself, to not limit your concept of what you can do and who you can be. We should not place constraints around our potential, because we can exceed even our own wildest expectations. We don’t want to venture into the grandiose necessarily either; perhaps just maintain a sense of openness to what is possible. No more, “I can’t do that,” “I don’t like that,” “That’s not for me.” Instead, try: “Hm,” “Interesting,” or “Maybe.”

Right now, I wish to intentionally shatter my self-limiting beliefs. They’re mostly on the small end now, but my theory is that if I start with small beliefs I can then tackle the larger ones. My most recent success has to do with my belief that I can’t run/don’t enjoy running. I am now running and enjoying it (it’s very early folks; don’t get excited). I love how I can see progress almost each time I run. I can run faster or longer with each workout! Though I do not have any race or marathon goals, I’m also trying to be open to the idea that I may want to do that someday. After all, I used to say I’d never go back to school.

Next I want to tackle the thing that scares me the most, ie singing or doing comedy. I think I will sign up for something this spring. They both scare the pants off me. To balance, I also wish to sign up for a class doing something I’ve always wanted to try: martial arts. I’m taking tai chi now and I’m loving it! I don’t know (another limiting belief) if I can balance all these new endeavors with the other things on my to do list this spring but I’d like to try! I have a feeling that sense of empowerment will bleed into the other areas of my life.  Join me and let’s see what happens together.