Personal Discovery Journey

Philosophy –

“Life is about the journey, not the destination” – Dad

We all have a journey to take.  We are not necessarily prepared for that journey, nor do we know the destination until we’ve already arrived.  Some of us may not even know that this is something we each must do, as it may not yet be our time.

Joseph Campbell, comparative mythologist extraordinaire, describes this as the Hero’s Journey.  It is a sacred journey of self-discovery where the hero emerges transformed and able to serve others.

My unique purpose in life is to help others on their sacred journey.


My role

I wear many hats – teacher, scientist, coach, leader, organizer, administrator, or most commonly, grunt.  I am not a counselor or therapist – those are for people in need of psychological guidance.   I can coach, but that really isn’t my purpose either, since depending on how you think about coaches, they are either prescriptive, or wise observers.

Rather, I am a guide.  We are fellow travelers, but this is a path I have walked on before.  Many aspects of the path are still unfamiliar to me, but I have already spent much time on this trail.  You have spent time on your own trail too, so I learn from you as much as you might learn from me.

The Approach –

This blog is my attempt to help others on their journey based on the lessons of my own.  However, except when I am so fortunate to have comments from you, the blog is very unidirectional.  If you would like a more interactive and individualized way of traveling together, I am at your service.


I am a trained Gallup StrengthsFinders coach, life coach and Arbinger Institute coach.  I am also currently enrolled in the premier program in Applied Positive Psychology.  I have done many group training sessions in both formal and informal capacities and countless hours of guiding over my lifetime.  Here are some comments from some of my fellow travelers:

  •  One of the things I enjoyed most about you is that you are genuine , and your caring passionate character always shines
  •  I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate your incredible listening ear all through the duration of our ourney, but specifically during our one on one session. You truly were encouraging and inspirational and I think you for your confidence in me
  •  I appreciate your kind willing spirit taking on this task in addition to your regular work load.
  •  You are very caring, thoughtful, organized, friendly, and helpful. Very much improved with your qualities and abilities
  •  I appreciate your excellent steering of the group and your relaxed wise presence as our mentor
  • Thank you for being an excellent facilitator of the group. You were always positive and willing to help. Keep up the good work
  •  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how you are genuinely supportive of us and how you appreciate us
  •  You’ve been an exceptional leader. Thank You!
  •  You have integrity
  •  You have been “great” and are a true leader. Thanks for being a fabulous facilitator. I think our class had the best facilitator. No one could possibly be better. Much luck and success to you
  •  Thank you for being so motivating!
  •  You were an excellent facilitator, thank you for all your time and positive energies
  •  You really made a difference by being such a thoughtful, kind, respectful, organized facilitator. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and hope we can stay in touch
  •  You are such an excellent leader for this group. I admire the way that you connect with all the different people and make each feel important and valued. Personally, you were such an excellent listener to my own difficult situation at work. I certainly felt comfortable and even was compelled to speak with you; you are an excellent listener and offer careful, thoughtful perspective and guidance. Thank You!
  • I’m impressed with your Zen. Thanks for all your work with us this year, you made it special.

Services –

I would be honored to guide the journey of you or your group.  Private sessions can be done in person or by Skype.  Please contact me if you think I can be of service:  Or if you’d prefer to post a question of your own to the blog, please visit the Talk to Susanna page.

Happy trails!

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