Silver Lining

I was inspired by the human race yesterday.

I went to a woman’s leadership conference yesterday where I was surrounded by hundreds of like-minded, similarly-passionate people. It wasn’t just the feeling of being like a carb addict in a bakery.  There was definitely that.  It had more to do with seeing the abundant evidence of the human spirit striving for the divine.

Ironically, I spent a fairly sleepless night the evening preceding the conference, as I kept having dreams of not being prepared, not being good enough to guide the workshop participants toward the discovery of a healthier, more positive self- and world-view. It could be partly because I spent that evening feeling uncentered and unbalanced.   Clearly, the teacher is also the student, learning just ahead of, but sometimes following the pupil.

To me, the concept of the reciprocal relationship between student and teacher reflects this amazingly wonderful and beautiful…

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